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Photos from swap meetings as well as prize winners and awards are published here.

The following awards can be won at our swap meetings:

Best single plate in a photo
Best plate collection in a photo
"Bestes Einzelschild"
Best single plate
Best Display
Youth competition
Furthest journey

AKS Honor award (since 2010 annually)
AKS Editor Cup (since 2012 2-year)

(Listing of recent years below)

Hier gelangt Ihr zu den Informationen und Fotos der letzten Treffen

Auswahlliste mit Links


Award winners of the previous years:
AKS-honorar awards:

2010 Manfred Utsch
2011 Wolfgang Höll
2012 Sven Rost
2013 Hubert Heisterborg
2014 Ralf-Dieter Pickert
2015 Dirk Schneider

2017 Claus Schuster


2012 Dirk Schneider
2014 Peter Pawellek
2016 Hubert Heisterborg

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